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Universal Measurement Control CS100


The measuring control unit MEITEC CS100 has several functions that, depending on application, can be selected by internal (manual) or external (automatic) parameterization (e.g. via Profibus). The basic scope of the measurement control MEITEC CS100 comprises standard measuring programs, such as for surface finishing, surface grinding, as well as external cylindrical grinding processes, significantly reducing the programming efforts of machine manufacturers and end users as compared to conventional measuring controls.

The MEITEC CS100 is available with 4, 8 and 12 measurement points (channels), with each measuring point comprising 2 measurement inputs. If required, customized extensions can be implemented. With the MEITEC CS100, independent measuring processes - for example of in-process, pre-process and post-process measuring points - can be managed and monitored with only one controller in real time and with an accuracy of <= 0.1 microns.

Optionally, additional measurement, monitoring and control tasks can be taken over, partly by connecting external systems compatible with the CS100 MEITEC. By connecting the measurement control MEITEC CS100 to a higher-level machine controller, via Profibus for example, measurements and corrections are exchangeable, and process datasets can be controlled. Time-critical monitoring, e.g. for axis positioning, can be performed directly over fast digital outputs of the measurement control, for example by connection to NC inputs of the machine control system. The MEITEC CS100 is ideally complemented with the robust control and display unit 10.4 "TFT Touch Panel MEITEC MRTP 104D included in the standard scope of delivery.


The menu-driven intelligent user interface on the touch panel MRTP 104D enables simple, intuitive handling of the measurement control unit. The measured values of up to 6 measuring points are displayed graphically and numerically in an overview. Basic operator interventions, such as a zero point adjustment, can be performed without having to call up another menu level.

To eliminate operator errors or unauthorized access, MEITEC CS100 features a 4-level user concept with password. This ensures that process-related data are always visible and sensitive areas are protected from incorrect entries.

For the user interface, standard languages such as German, English and French are available. Other languages can be implemented.

Process data management

Standard for the use of MEITEC CS100 in flexible machining processes is comprehensive data retention for managing up to 100 process datasets. The selection is done either manually on the touch panel or by Profibus, for example, via a parent controller.

For external backup and restoring of process datasets and parameterization, USB interfaces are available both on the touch panel MRTP 104D, as well as on the measurement control unit CS100.

Process analysis

In addition to various options for the graphical display of actual values, trend values and histograms, the CS100 MEITEC can display during the measurement process 4 different x/t diagrams with up to 4 different measurements each, with a sampling rate of up to 2ms. Using the Trace functions, amplitudes and times of the measured values are determined and analyzed.
For offline analysis, it is possible in any menu to create screenshots and read them over the USB ports.

Optional extensions
Due to its IPC-supported and flexible structure, the MEITEC CS100 measurement control system can take over further monitoring and control tasks through optional extensions, in addition to classical measurement control tasks in the field of in-process, pre-process-and post-process monitoring.

    Some examples of the scope achieved:
  • Process monitoring using structure-borne sounds. By connecting the Elaso USC4000, both positioning operations and process changes (tool wear, etc.) are displayed and monitored.
  • In the field of in-process or when used in measuring machines, MEITEC CS100 can take over both classical PLC monitoring and control functions, as well as axis control of stepper motors or servo motors (PLC or NC functionalities), so that, depending on application, other controllers can be dispensed with.
  • In addition to traditional applications, linear sensors for pure measurements, can also be implemented., e.g. in monitoring machine base inclinations (tilting), whose measured values are displayed and passed on to master machine controls, for example via Profibus.

Hardware/Technical data

MEITEC CS100 measurement control is designed for distributed configurations, enabling measurement control and amplifier units, touch panel and reading devices to be optimally integrated into the process environment within a radius of 30 meters.

By consistently dispensing with rotating parts such as fans or hard drives, both the measurement control unit and the touch panel are wear-resistant.

    Technical data at a glance:
  • 4, 8, 12 channel amplifiers in the standard scope
  • Profibus-DP
  • 16 digital outputs in the standard scope
  • 10.4" TFT colour touch panel
  • Multilingual user interface in German, English, French
  • 2 x USB ports for data backup
  • 4-level user concept
  • Process data management for 100 process datasets
  • Operating voltage 24VDC
  • Optional additional communication interfaces available (e.g. Ethernet, CAN)
  • Optional extension of the possible channels available
  • Optional additional digital inputs and outputs (e.g. for PLC functions)
  • Optional analogue inputs and outputs available (e.g. for PLC functions)