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Pneumatic Measuring Technology

MEITEC offers highly precise and fast transducers for non-contact pneumatic measuring technology.

Depending on application, the transducers are available with different measurement ranges and partly also with digital display.

A typical application of pneumatic measurement technology is the MEITEC measuring machine, in the measurement of cylindrical rollers for example.

1-channel transducer

    Pneumatic transducer EK
  • Pneumatic 1-channel transducer
  • 1 analogue output: +/-10V
  • Possible measuring ranges: +/-6μm to +50/-120μm
  • Optional digital relative value display on the unit

2-channel transducer

    Pneumatic transducer ZK
  • Pneumatic 2-channel transducer
  • 2 analogue outputs: +/-10V
  • Possible measuring ranges: +/-6μm to +50/-120μm

Fast transducer

    Fast pneumatic transducer FCA1
  • Pneumatic 1-channel transducer with low response time
  • Application: high-dynamic measurements
  • External evaluation electronics FC1 for positioning at the measuring point
  • 1 analogue output: +/-10V
  • Possible measuring ranges: +/-6μm to +50/-120μm