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Compact Measurement Control C70A

The measurement control unit MEITEC C70A is a compact measuring control unit that can perfectly meet the requirements of its operational areas via different performance versions.

The standard scope of MEITEC C70A measurement control includes, just like the measurement control unit MEITEC CS100, standard measurement programs for different machining processes, so that the programming costs are kept extremely low.

The operating and display unit of MEITEC C70A, due to its size of 7.0" offers benefits when integrated into machine control panels or in retrofit conversion, as replacement of an existing measurement control unit. The widescreen resolution of the touch panel provides excellent representation of all menus known from the measurement control system CS100. The menu system has been further optimized in the course of development.

The touch panel and the measurement control computer form a compact unit, so that in machine tool cabinets or in the version as table-top unit, significantly smaller ports and amplifier units must be accommodated compared to previous measurement controls.

The measuring control MEITEC C70A has a two-level concept, with a low-cost variant C70A Basic available as 2-channel entry-level model for positioning tasks, thickness or diameter measurements and a measurement control C70A Compact Plus for more complex measuring tasks.

For both variants of the MEITEC C70A, optional extensions are available, enabling also extensive simultaneous measurement and positioning tasks, as well as communication with host systems.

Hardware/Technical Data C70A standard scope of delivery
The measurement control MEITEC C70A is designed for distributed configurations. This allows for optimal integration of measurement control and operating unit, amplifiers and interface modules, and data acquisition devices within a radius of 30 meters into the process environment. By consistently dispensing with rotating parts such as fans or hard drives, both the measurement control unit and the touch panel are wearproof.

    Technical data at a glance:
  • 7,0“-TFT Widescreen Touchpanel in colour
  • Multilingual user interface in German, English, French
  • 2 x USB ports for data backup
  • 4-level user concept
  • Process data management for 100 datasets
  • Operating voltage 24VDC
  • Mounting Dimensions: approx. 197mm x 140mm x 47mm
  • Panel Size: approx 213mm x 156mm (equivalent to 3 HU + 23mm)

    Hardware assembly C70A Basic
  • 2-channel amplifier
  • 12 digital inputs in the standard scope
  • 12 digital outputs in the standard scope
  • Optional additional digital inputs and outputs available
  • Optional Profibus DP interface
  • Optional additional communication interfaces available (e.g. Ethernet, CAN)

    Hardware assembly C70A Plus
  • 4-channel amplifier
  • 12 digital inputs in the standard scope
  • 24 digital outputs in the standard scope
  • Optional extension of the possible channels available
  • Optional additional digital inputs and outputs available
  • Optional Profibus DP interface available
  • Optional additional communication interfaces (e.g. Ethernet, CAN)
  • Optional analogue inputs and outputs available